Mountain Biking as Recovery


After putting a bunch of thousand miles on my road bike, a few years ago I started mountain biking.  I have to say that biking is the only form of exercise I have enjoyed – going on 10 years now! My favorite mountain biking place twists and turns over roots, up and down ravines, more or less along a river outside of town.  Today, was our first really good and hot day of the year – 96 degrees – when I enjoy riding best.  I have a 12-mile loop that is my basic routine.  On the first half I often listen to an AA or an OA lead.  On the return leg I either listen to music or nothing at all. Today I forgot my headphones so I paid attention to the ride and came to think of how much mountain biking is like recovery.  Here are some things I came up with:

  • I learned that mud is a lot more forgiving than asphalt and when I wreck, it is much easier to get back up and go forward.
  • Most  times I wreck it is because I wait till the last moment to choose a path through some mud or up an embankment covered with roots
  • The places I wrecked in the past, I watch out for now, and wreck at new places instead.
  • Sometimes I stop to figure out how to get around flooded areas and not just plunging through.
  • I enjoy seeing others on the trail.
  • Sometimes I just stop to be mindful of how green everything is.
  • Sometimes I just savor the flat portions of the narrow trail, pressed tight by trees and shrubs – like flowing effortlessly down a river.

All seeming much like recovery

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