Planning for Recovery

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Being on the road, or out of the norm, is always a mixed bag for me and my addictions.  To date, I have found no “out of the norm” that even begins to threaten my sobriety from alcohol.  My compulsive overeating is another matter.  But I see the “out of the norm” really all comes down to the same thing – being prepared – not walking into a place blind.  Years ago I would never have done that with alcohol.  I always made sure I knew where meetings were.  I had that planned out completely.  I thought threw the entire process.

But last night I roll into a small town late.  There is no real grocery store open to buy any food and I don’t really think through my options.  There is fast food and that is about it.  So, I “relapse” on crackers – something I can gorge on to fill my gut.  But I also know it is getting better because I don’t so much compulsively overeat as eat a reasonable amount for a day’s worth of food.  It’s just that my food sucks.  That is a whole lot better than I have done in the past when on the road.  I am pleased that last night I did not compulsively overeat for the same reasons I would drink – to escape reality.  Instead, I ate crap because I did not plan better.

Once again, showing that this recovery business is a process not an event.

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