Living in the Solution

sunrise“I went to the noon meeting today at Oak Street today and everybody was complaining about how bad everything was.  I want to talk about how good I feel today.”  These are the words of Tony, a young black man with dreads and a diagonal scar across his face from a knife fight years ago.  He spoke the words to a mixed group of about 10 other addicts in various stages of recovery and active use assembled in a conference room for our weekly support group in the factory that I worked in over 25 years ago.  The words continue to resonate with me today.

What is exciting to me about Tony’s words is a desire a passion to live into the solution and not dwell in the problem.  I don’t mean this to sound like a head in the sand approach to the problems of life.  Rather, I see this as a decision to live into the solution and surround oneself with the solution.  Often, this is as simple as realizing that there really is a solution in recovery.

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