The Pink Cloud Experience

cypress swamp

A concept I heard early on in sobriety has been referred to coming down off of the pink cloud or descending from the mountain top experience.  The general idea is that when you are experiencing something good and positive, whether it is a 30 day in-patient treatment program for substance abuse, the wedding to your lover, a spiritual retreat, the birth of a child, or any sort of life changing or highly charged situation, the other shoe will fall and the mundane intrudes and all the problems of the world come back.  For the addict, if they are not careful when they fall from the pink cloud or the mountain top, then they are liable to relapse back into their addiction.

I have never been wholly comfortable with this concept.  In some ways I outright reject the very notion.  I have never fully understood or come to experience this notion of falling off of the pink cloud.  I believe this is one of the reasons that I have stayed sober over the years.  I don’t think I have had it any easier or harder than any other addict in recovery.  There was something that I was given very early on that makes me focus on the Promises of AA as opposed to the problems.  To this day, I catch myself occasionally in support groups wondering if I am being to Pollyannaish.  I know that I look forward to sharing when I feel stress or am having some problem because it allows me to identify with a problem end of things.  But I am able to end my shares with “I have not a complaint in the world today.”  That state of being is not contingent on what is going on around me.  That to me remains being in the pink cloud or on the mountain top.  One day at a time, my recovery can continue to grow.

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