Highs, Lows, and Dogs


At yesterday’s meeting we talked about feeling disconnected or feeling a bit out of touch even though doing all of the right things for recovery.  I was reminded of a line I heard in detox that went something like – ‘addicts are not good at accepting both the high and lows of recovery or of life in general – what they are seeking is a static even existence – however, the only time one truly has such flat-line experiences is when you are dead.’

I appreciate that in recovery I know the steps to take to stay connected and believe strongly that “this too shall pass” whether a high or a low.  What I find as well is that many times I must simply sit still and be mindful and intentional in seeking the solution.  I often reflect that some of my greatest life lessons come from interacting with my dogs.  My dogs are always there, but too often, I get too busy to pay attention to them.  That seems true for many of the simple aspects of recovery.

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