Being Open To New Possibilities

rails to trails

A few years ago I was completely stressed out and frustrated by a job situation.  Something was not working after 20 years of sobriety.  I had completed various personality/career tests over the years.  My interpretation of the results had always been “oh, I like this aspect of my personality” or “I need to control this one more” and so forth.  I had been in weekly therapy for the previous two years and was curious if my personality traits had changed at all.  I took the same test again (Myers-Briggs).  The results were the same INFP – but I looked at the results differently this time around.  First, I saw the results less as “I like this or that about me” but more “this is who I am.”  Second, the results also provided a list of favored and disfavored career choices for my personality type.  I am certain these choices were always listed when I reviewed the previous test results, but I had simply never been aware of them.  This time, I took notice.  All of disfavored career choices for my personality type involved everything that comprised my job at the time.  All of my favored career choices involved career directions that I longed to do, had done in the past, or worked on in my free time.  I realized the problem was not my job at that time, but that I was trying to stick a square peg into a round hole.  Another gift of sobriety – simply having the insights to look outside the box, or expand the box of perception.  During my active alcoholism, I would have desperately tried to arrange all the players on the stage of my previous job to fit my perceived needs.  With sobriety, I came to see that I was on the wrong stage.  What an incredible gift!  I am now on a different stage and am once again challenged and fulfilled in my career direction.

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