My First Alcohol – July 4, 1962


So most folks remember their sobriety date.  Last year, I attended an AA meeting on July 4 and it dawned upon me that the date marked the anniversary of my first drink of alcohol.  I had always remembered the event, but not until last year had I actually thought about the date as an anniversary of sorts.  It was on July 4, 1962 I was at a picnic with extended family members.  A thunderstorm broke.  The men all hung in garage waiting out the storm.  The adult’s house we were at was a “sloppy ass drunk.”  All the grown up men were drinking beer.  For whatever reason, my father consented to me drinking a beer and my younger brother was allowed to have a few sips.  I got a minor buzz off the beer – not a huge deal.  But the buzz was enough  to plant a seed in my head that beer is good and makes me feel better. 

I was off to the races.  Over the next couple of years my drinking increased exponentially, until August 4th, 1984, when I finally surrendered.

Today, I can remember that first drink as well as my list drink.  I think that is a good thing.

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