Serenity and Peace


We will comprehend the word serenity and we will know peace.  AA Promises

I have never felt comfortable with notions of “happiness” as being some sort of end goal.  I prefer the comprehension of serenity and knowing peace.  I take this as a contentment and satisfaction with where I am at today at any point in time.  As a baby boomer and social activist, I struggled with this concept early on as a sort of giving up and withdrawal into self – a sort of ignorance is bliss and everything is wonderful or the more religious variation is that it is all God’s will, so just accept it.

I have come to view this promise differently today.  I often end my meeting shares with “I have not a complaint in the world today” which I can say quite truthfully.  Or when I am not at peace, it is because of what is within and not the world out there.

To all who have come to follow this blog, I will be heavily engaged in some other stuff until August 12 and will resume postings at that time.


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