Giving Up Self To Reclaim Self

story beginsSelf-seeking will slip away.  AA Promises

This AA Promise seems to really show the paradox that we must give it away to keep it.  The understanding reminds me that addiction is a disease of isolation and recovery is being in community.  If I choose to isolate with my problems, then I am moving into a state of relapse.  If I choose to be in community, then I am living in recovery and my problems seem to deal with themselves.  Therefore, it seems that by being in community and getting out of myself, I achieve the serenity and the sense of being in the right place that I seek.

I appreciate that after time in recovery, getting out of self process can become an automatic response.  Yesterday had a very stressful start.  When I sat in my problems, the situation only got more stressful and anxiety producing.  To get out of my situation, instead I had lunch with family members, had a conversation with someone working in a shop, then wrote an email to their employer saying how good of a job they were doing, and hung out with my wife in the evening.  By getting out of myself, I was better able to think about and handle the stress issue.

I often find the getting out of self to be an automatic process.  Like the surrender of Step 1 “admitted we were powerless over alcohol . . .” the surrender of self-seeking leads to a renewed sense and purpose of self.

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