A Luminous Web of Recovery


I went to see the gypsy a few weeks ago.  I sat down at her table and we talked.

She – I am not going to tell you how long you will live.

Me – No problem, I already figured it out based on a magazine survey that I would live till I am 94.

She – (with a bit of a smile) Good.

In our conversation, she held up a metaphorical mirror so they I could see my self and answer the questions I had.

I think of how some folks never gave up on me in my active addiction.  I think of how some folks took a chance with me early on in recovery.  I think of how I drove some 800 miles to go back to my first home group on my 20th AA anniversary.  My first sponsor was there, but he did not remember me, nor did anyone else at the meeting.  I try to remember those kinds of things today too.  I try to realize my insignificance balanced with the importance of me carrying the message.

Perhaps one of the greatest joys I have is being in relationship with folks as they try to find their way down the road taken, or not taken.  In so doing, I see the path I must take as well.  This living is all about reciprocity – of self-discovery, that comes from being in community with others – a luminous web of interconnectivity.  I get that from my recovery, in sharing my experience, strength, and hope.  I receive that very same experience, strength and hope back from those with whom I share.

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