More Pink Clouds in Recovery


There is a correlate to the pink cloud experience in which I believe.  Whereas the highs cannot be taken away from me, I also refuse to accept the lows.  This does not mean that life must only be on the pink cloud highs.  Not being perpetually on the pink cloud does not mean life returns to the depths of despair.  In my time of active addiction, I believe that my depths of depression, the opposite of being on a pink cloud, in part resulted from my never actually facing the reality of a situation.  My solution to every problem was either to drink, eat, or smoke it away – in some way use an active addiction to not face the reality of a given situation.  But after the chemical effects wore off the situation was always still there.  An acquaintance in school once counseled me that his approach to problems was simply to ignore them and they would eventually go away.  This is not a system that has worked for me.  My time in recovery has taught me that truth.  That is one gift of recovery that cannot be taken away from me and is always available to me  if I choose to draw on that gift – to live life on life’s terms.  That to me is a perpetual pink cloud experience.

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