Attitude of Gratitude

swingDuring my active addiction, or when I am moving in that direction today, my thoughts can go to dwelling on the problem, what is wrong with the world, or how I am being treated unfairly.  While these might be real conditions, they are not answer.  Dwelling on the problem does not lead me to the solution.  Focusing on what is wrong in the world does not lead me to nurture what is right.  To dwell on unfair treatment allows me to play the victim role and not be accountable for my own actions.

Throughout my recovery process, I am reminded that the very simple tools I have been given are the most effective in my day-to-day existence.  A gratitude list is one such tool.  I have never made a gratitude list that has not turned my negative problem based thinking into a positive solution based outlook.  Yet, sometimes, it takes me a while to pull out the tried and tested actions that produce results.  But those tools are always there for me to take up . . .

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