Who Are My Teachers?


We’re students of life and we’ll encounter many teachers. From some, we will learn patience; from others, tolerance and acceptance. A few will make us laugh. All will change us in some way. We may be apt to pass judgment on the interactions we have with others, but those with more wisdom than ourselves remind us that we can learn. In fact, we are privileged to learn something of value in absolutely every interaction. Our teachers are all around us.

from –  A Life of My Own by Karen Casey

My career involves engaging with students on a very regular basis.   In that process, I understand that my words do matter.  I have come to believe and act on viewing my words and actions from the perspective of others.  Before I speak, I think of how the words of my past teachers in formal education affected me for the better or worse.  

Mostly, I enjoy learning from my students.  I like that students are still asking questions.  Many of my professional colleagues feel they must only defend the answers they already have.  

My post profound lessons are taught to me outside the class room.  When my one granddaughter was four years old, taught me that she could not lie – that deception seems to be something we learn later in life.  From our rescue dogs I learn that every moment of life is filled with possibilities.  From my wife I have learned about patience, perseverance, and love.   My fellow travelers in recovery on the “road to happy destiny” have taught me about hope, the process, and meaning.

I enjoy being a perpetual student!

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