Living into the Solution

crop hillisde

Our whole attitude and outlook upon life will change. – AA Promises

This promise is perhaps the most foundational in my recovery.  One day at a time, I know that recovery is contingent on my making a decision to live into the solution and not dwell in the problem.  That is where attitude and outlook are key.   I know that I can take very simple steps to resolve conflicts, obstacles or challenges in my day-to-day existence.  One of those steps is making a gratitude list.  What I am grateful for today?  The first point always on my list is life.  Had I not gotten sober nearly 30 years ago, I very seriously doubt that I would be alive.  Even if I had somehow kept on living, my body, mind, and spirit would be completely shot.  I just cannot imagine how I could have survived all that time.  Another piece of that gratitude is knowing I have a choice of what I choose to do with that life today.  From my perspective, today I choose, however imperfectly, to live into the solution and not find comfort in the problem.  The problem is something I am very familiar with.  I can tell you about the problem from all sides and in great detail.  The problem is a very passive and familiar place.  Living in the solution requires my taking action not just talking about the problem.  The solution requires going into unfamiliar lands, making the box of my existence bigger to find answers.  I find that when my box of existence becomes bigger, I can see more options, be more in community with others, and live life more fully on life’s terms.

I am grateful for the ability to make gratitude lists today.

2 thoughts on “Living into the Solution

  1. Thank you, Robert….you always remind me when I am in a place of forgetting. Blair and I love your posts…they “get in” at just the right time.

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