The Possibility of Recovery

rails to trails

One thing that a corporate CEO and a prisoner doing long-time have in common is they each have the same number of minutes in each day that they must make decisions about how they are going to spend them.

– heard in a presentation by Malcolm McMillan when he was sheriff of Hinds County, Mississippi.

I like that recovery is about possibilities.   Recovery is about hope.  Recovery is about living one day at a time.  It really does not matter how long I have been in recovery, It is 7:00 AM in my city now, and I have the same number of minutes and seconds left in this day as everyone else whether they are still living into their addiction, have decided today is the day they are going to live into recovery, or have 20 years of active recovery behind them.  Today, I will make a choice on how I use those minutes.

Everyone has the same choice.  The important decision is not about the details of how those minutes are spent.  For me, it’s not really about whether I take a holiday from work, pray/meditate, or am of service to another person.  Rather, I think the possibilities are more profound.  I can either use those minutes to live into my addiction or to move along the road of recovery.

I am grateful for knowing there are alternative possibilities and choices.

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