Higher Power vs. My Power in Recovery


sedona tree copy

How can I be sure I’m doing my Higher Power’s will? There is, of course, no certain way to know, but what I rely on is an inner sense of lightness and rightness. I pray for guidance, I ask for answers, I listen to my inner voice, and I talk to people whose opinion I respect. I also believe if what I’m doing is not my Higher Power’s will for me, I’ll find out, since it won’t work.       – Elizabeth L. Inner Harvest

I like this concept a lot, particularly the understanding that if I am into self-will and not the Higher Power’s will, it won’t work.  For me, a gauge of what works is the level of serenity I receive from my actions.  If I let go of resentments or work toward a solution, I am generally at peace with an issue.  This approach involves coming up with an action plan, carrying out the action, then letting it go of the results.  The action plan is best derived by the process described in the above quote.

The opposite approach is thinking through a plan of action (or inaction) completely based on self-will.  These results consistently don’t work, and require me to come up with another action plan based on self-will.  In so doing, I get sucked into a spiral that produces more and more anxiety with no good results – it does not work.

The “does it work” really is the bottom line.  If I ask myself the question: Is what I am doing now based in self-will about my addiction working? If the answer is no, considering an approach that includes a power greater than myself is the next best step.



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