Release From Fear in Recovery


Fear of people and of economic insecurity will leave us. AA Promises

I have come to enjoy this AA promise quite a bit.  And yes, there are certainly some people who I prefer not to run into, but it is not fear based.  I think of when I was driving down a busy street late one night early in recovery.  I saw a police car in my rear view mirror.  My typical m.o. was to take evasive action – turn down a street, do anything to try to get away.  My reason was not wanting to get stopped was for fear of a DUI, unpaid parking tickets, expired licence or who knows what.  But on that occasion after being sober for a couple of months, I was completely within the legal limits.  I was being accountable for my actions – had paid the tickets, had a current tag for my vehicle, and was sober.  I recollect in early sobriety even wanting to get stopped at one of those sobriety checkpoints occasionally set-up along the road to prove I was sober.  Today, I still wince a bit when a police car is behind me or I pass one on the road, and I suppose that is wholly natural.  But the fear usually comes if I am driving over the speed limit, talking on a cell phone while driving where it is outlawed, or somehow being on the other side of the law.

The same holds true for money.  I am certainly not wealthy by any standard, but there is nothing I cannot do that I want to do for economic reasons.  Today, my wants are tempered by my reality.  Removing the fear in these circumstance comes from living life on life’s terms.

This promise of recovery is a blessing that keeps me grounded in the real world.

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