Attitude of Gratitude

laptopHaving an attitude of gratitude is often used as the recovery antidote for all of life’s problems.  The cliché is often used along the lines of – it could be worse, be grateful that you are sober/abstinent today and not laying in the gutter.  Another way of viewing this concept is from the perspective of the glass is half-full instead of half-empty.  These are all valuable and important understandings of having an attitude of gratitude.

For me, a very important aspect of this gratitude is in the form of experiencing an entire psychic change in recovery.  My gratitude list for today includes:

  • I am grateful for the very concept of hope – that life can change and move in a good direction.
  • I am grateful for opportunities – that I can choose to live life on life’s terms and take advantage of all the possibilities that brings.
  • I am grateful for redemption, and a second chance – that despite my years of active addiction where I should have/could have been dead, incarcerated, disabled, I live today only with self-imposed limitations.

All of these go away if I choose to actively live into my addictions.

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