If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

uptreeI need to remind myself of this truth often, particularly as it relates to my recovery.  If I don’t make changes in my actions and perspectives, then I should not expect changes in how I address my addictions.  In terms of alcohol and mind altering drugs, that change was successfully put in place a bunch of years ago.  With my eating disorder, and many of the “isms” of addiction, I continue to grapple with the need to change.

I have long understood that for me, addiction is addiction is addiction – that is, whether food, alcohol, or drugs, I abuse the substance for the same purpose – a form of escape, not living life on life’s terms, a decision to simply exist and not truly live.   I continue to find that being sober and drug free is a considerably easier proposition than being abstinent from my eating disorder.  And because I eat compulsively for the same reasons I drank compulsively, I realize with increasing clarity the resulting “isms” are the same.

My long-term recovery from alcohol and drugs provides me with considerable insights, opportunities, resources to deal with my other addictions. At the same time, if nothing changes, nothing changes.  One of the blessings of recovery is realizing that this is all a process, not an event.  It’s not a matter of getting holy – rather, it’s taking advantage of the opportunity to continue growing and living into recovery, one day at a time, for the duration.

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