Progress, Not Perfection


With my buddy, Buddy.

This afternoon at about 2:30 PM I got back to Memphis after my 30-hour travel time from Hauraz, Peru, where I had hung out for a few days luxuriating with a bed, hot (or nearly hot) showers and restaurant food after the previous month of a more Spartan existence  on what I have come to refer to as “up on the mountain” though both places are at equal 3200 meters or so above sea level.  The trip back was punctuated by much of what has become typical of such travel – delayed flights, sitting on runways for extended periods, lost luggage and so forth – but it all comes out in the end.

I see some personal growth out of this last travel process.  On the nine-hour bus ride down to Lima the young child sitting in the seat in front of me was gagging and vomiting most of the first few hours from motion sickness as the bus whirled through the hairpin turns.  I rather self-righteously complimented myself on my compassion for the poor kid.  Then for the final few hours, as we hit something near sea-level and straight roads, the child turned into a ball of agitation and shrieks as he clearly felt much better.  It took a bit, but I was able to put myself in his shoes, think of how great it must feel not to be vomiting, and put my headphones on to drown out the noise.

In Memphis, my luggage was lost, the struggling airport staff did not respond as quickly as I would like, but five hours later, the suitcase was there, largely containing my all important dirty laundry, and all is right in that world too.

Just a couple of examples where I am grateful that I am wearing the world, and its ability to satisfy my needs immediately, with a great deal more tolerance these days.  I realize I sound like a broken record on this, but I also enjoy that if I am mindful and intentional in my daily existence, I continue to see continued progress and not perfection continue after a bunch of years recovery.

And my buddy, Buddy was happy to see me too!

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