More Than an End to Blackouts

sedona tree copyAt a meeting the other night we discussed how recovery involved more than just the physical impacts of our addictions.  Folks relayed how ending the blackouts, the hangovers, the myriad of physical results of drug and alcohol addiction  had been some of the first results of starting on a recovery road.  The discussion then turned to receiving therapy beyond recovery programs.

I certainly related to this topic.  I recollect well how in my last six months or so of drinking alcohol, on a regular basis, I would take my temperature, observe a 102 reading, and think, poor me, I really do have some sort of serious illness.  Unfortunately, then I only chose to drink over my illness.  Today, in looking back, I can only recall being in bed with a fever once in the past 30 years!

But I also know that it is this issue of living on a day-to-day basis that I continue to need to work on.  Within the past ten years, I have in weekly therapy sessions.  I have heard, and believe, that it is healthy people who seek therapy to better their lives.  I would like to think I fall into this category.

That approach has been consistent with me in recovery over the years.  For me, the physical aspects seem much more prescriptive an formulaic to carry out – get sleep, exercise, eat right, don’t smoke, etc. etc. and the 102 fevers take care of themselves.

But this living thing . . . that is another story.  I enjoy that in recovery, I have the opportunity on a daily basis to learn how to grow in this process as well.

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