One Day At A Time, But Every Day

sopabI like the one-day-at-a-time approach that is promoted in recovery.  Yes, it is much easier and less overwhelming to think about not getting into my addictive behaviors for a 24-hour period than for the rest of my life.  The latter raises all of those ultimately useless hypotheticals like “You mean I can’t toast when my now two-year-old daughter gets married two decades?” and other such dilemmas.

Rather, I have been thinking less about what I choose not to do, but more about what I can choose to do each day.  I have been thinking about:

  • being present for my family each day.  It is very easy for me to get very wrapped up in a host of other issues and activities and not leave room for those folks who I often take for granted.
  • making a difference each day.  I appreciate that this can be as simple as saying hello to someone on the street.  Making a difference does not mean discovering a cure for cancer, bringing about world peace, or ending hunger.  I think of the times when a simple statement of thanks from someone has meant so much to me.
  • being consciously grateful each day.  I can zoom through life and not smell the roses along the path.  I can get caught up in the world crisis of the moment and forget that I am alive and able to play my part in a solution.
  • and so forth, each day.

So I like that one-day-at-a-time is not just about choices of things I will not do, but also choices of things that I will do, each day.

2 thoughts on “One Day At A Time, But Every Day

  1. Love this, and plan to adopt the sentiment immediately!

    I just commented on the blog of a woman in early sobriety and advised the 24-hour approach to not drinking. It surely saved me in the earliest of days (and I truly did debate over toasting at my then 12-year old’s wedding for real, so I laughed out loud at that part of your post!).

    The 24 hour approach helps me with current things like eating and exercise, but I have not tried as you just described, and I am certain it will be just as rewarding.

    Thanks, as always Robert, for your amazing insight, I am so grateful for it!

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