Results That Exceed Our Expectations

My HipstaPrint 4[2]Yesterday my wife and I drove a couple of hours south of where we live to what was billed as a nature festival of sorts.  The event was quite crowded and the nature part was rather minimal.  Rather the 15.00 per head admission and abundance of vendors suggested instead that fundraising was a primary motivation for the event.

We decided instead to head to a nearby small town for a visit.  The town contained a couple of museums, both of which were closed despite being advertised as open.

We found a place for lunch, checked out a cemetery, drove around a bit and then headed for home.

We both commented on the drive back how this had been a good day.  We reflected how we just have not been getting out of town enough and having “fun” driving on back roads like we have done during most of our lives together.  Our expectations for the day were completely unmet.  However the results were better than our plans had led us to expect.

You can make plans but don’t plan the results is a saying I hear a lot in recovery.  The message seems to be that things don’t always work out the way we plan – get ready for disappointment  Yesterday showed that results can exceed or expectations.  Upon reflection, I find that is consistently the case over time in my recovery.  As a totality, I could never have predicted the fantastic life I have lived since starting on a road to recovery.

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