Without Change There Is No Change

Change1In my recovery, primary addictions I deal with are alcohol, mind altering drugs, and nicotine.  The common reckoning of success is either I consumed or I did not consume the substance.  And with that form of reckoning, I am successful in my sobriety/abstention from these addictions.

Over the years, two other addictions I continue to face are compulsive overeating and workaholism.  I am not someone who wants to get “holy” as it were, and achieve some altered state nearing perfection in all that I do.  For me, that is a certainly a losing battle, as my family and friends will certainly attest.   But I also know that for those issues, like food and work, that continually manifest themselves in the same way as did alcohol and drugs – escape and not dealing with life on life’s terms – I am compelled to address them.  As I often share with others – if I am as satisfied as I want to be with my existence, then there really is no need to change – but I cannot complain about that existence either.  That seems to be the key.

And without change, there is no change.  I learned that very early on with alcohol and drugs.  I made radical changes in how I deal with life.  I need to keep in the forefront of my understanding this basic fact in all aspects of recovery.

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