Gratitude to be a Part of the World

treetangle4I had an interesting convergence in the past few days.  I subscribe to a regular post by Quora where folks respond to questions or prompts.  One recent post was  What images will change the way a person views the world after seeing them?  There were several hundred photos posted and I scanned through a bunch of them.  Many of the pictures were of the type that put me in the frame of mind that I really have nothing at all in life to complain about – my existence is really awfully damn good.  Others were of normal people doing heroic things.  I have been given much more than I need in all respects and really live a quite privileged and carefree existence.  Despite my drinking and drugging in the past, because of my demographic and geographic location, my recovery has really been incredibly blessed.

And then this week, a couple of things happened that normally would have put me into anxiety mode, but they didn’t.

The simple lesson for me is that if my mind, body, and spirit are in a good place, then I am more able to deal with life on life’s terms.  This is not just a matter of thinking that others have it worse off than I, but instead, that I live best when I am connected to and in community with all of creation – when I am not living above or below but with the world.

I am grateful for my recovery and the opportunity to be part of the luminous web of the world.

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