Asking the Why Question, Part 2

eckoFollowing up on the last post . . .

Only those who go through something of Calvary and of the descent into hell, not alone but in solidarity with Christ who has been there, can find that life which comes through deliverance from the captivity of the false self.

Kenneth Leech, We Preach Christ Crucified, p. 83, Cowley Publications.


Death is not just physical dying, but going to full depth, hitting the bottom, going the distance, beyond where I am in control, fully beyond where I am now . . . When you go into the depth and death, sometimes even the depths of your sin, you come out the other side – and the word for that is resurrection.

Richard Rohr, Immortal Diamond pp. xx-xxi, Josey-Bass


To qualify my use of the above quotes.  I don’t mean them as bible thumping tracts of crucifixion and sin.  Rather, I use these examples as a hitting bottom and a surrendering to the reality of addiction.

So, I wonder if that action of hitting bottom is something that is not unique, but certainly prevalent, in addiction recovery or the reality of dealing with any extreme trauma/issue.  And hitting bottom means making a decision to engage something along the lines of the first three steps 1) admitted we were powerless and unmanageable, 2) recognizing the need for a reliance on something outside ourselves for recovery, 3) made a decision to develop a relationship with that entity to start the recovery process.

And that process can result in a resurrection with such a profound feeling of rejuvenation and gratitude that when asking the Why question, a prominent focus is Why am I so blessed to be in recovery when so many others continue to suffer?

So, is it the resurrection that allows one to prioritize the positive over the negative when asking the Why question?  Is it because those who have been resurrected and released from their bondage of addiction know the negative but want to live into the positive?

Just some thoughts . . .

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