A Bike Wreck and Recovery

I am supposed to be in Peru now, but instead I am still at home in New Orleans.  A short four weeks ago I was in a pretty nasty bike wreck.  A “frat boy type” was trying to do skateboard tricks on a bike path when he lost control of his board which then ran into my bike and I went down hard.  When I was laying there I knew that things were not okay.  At first I cussed like a sailor because I was well aware there was no way I could leave for Peru on May 23rd as scheduled.  I could not even stand up.  The “frat boy type” and his buds, as soon as they saw I was not dead, took off to escape any responsibility.  Another passerby helped me stand-up.  I could not put any weight on my left leg.  The passerby helped me get back on my bike and I was able to pedal the two miles home, make my way into the house and pretty much collapse.

I am now recovering well. Hip and leg x-rays revealed no broken bones, but the jury is still out on my left shoulder.  I had a bone scan.  Other than that, I am reasonably mobile and will leave for Peru tomorrow morning.

Recovery related things out of this include:

  • I can cut the “frat boy type” some slack.  In my early 20s as an active alcoholic, I would have acted the same – tried to get away as fast as I could and not take any responsibility.  Though I look forward to the next time I run into the “frat boy type” to give him a lecture on same.
  • Living Life on Life’s Terms.  I have tried to use some of this down time for reflection.  One thing I truly appreciate is that were it not for my past decades of sobriety, minimally, I would not even be considering a return trip to Peru, be retired and living in my favorite city in North America, and very likely would be dead from something related to my drinking and drugging.
  • Living into the Solution.  I am forever grateful that sobriety has given me a “glass is half-full” approach to dealing with reality.  I pretty quickly got past the “poor me” thinking to figuring out how to recover and move on.
  • Learning to Prioritize.  One thing I have learned in the past month is to better prioritize what I will do in life.  Since retiring some 9 months ago, my plate has overflowed with opportunities.  I have enjoyed having the time in the past few weeks to slow down and think on those things which are most important to me, rather than running from one place to another.

So, in less than 48 hours, my plan is to be in Lima, Peru.  Regardless of how the field season plays out, were it not for recovery, I would not have this opportunity, or any other that I have been blessed with over the years by living into a simple Twelve Step Program of recovery.

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