An Early Christmas Present

Today I had my monthly oncology appointment.  I got an early Christmas present in:

  • a comparison of my CAT scans from this past August and November show no appreciable, if any, increase in my bone cancer.
  • the tissue removed from my stomach last week was benign.
  • perhaps most significantly, the alkaline phosphatase level in my blood had been more than 10 times the normal rate.  In my blood test from this week, the level is nearly normal.  This means that the monthly x-geva injections to stabilize and prevent further bone loss are working.
  • I will not have any further testing for two months.  Then another bone scan will be done to determine the rate cancer related bone loss.
  • I have been given a provisional green light to plan my trip to Peru in June of 2018!

My oncologist continues to be amazed that I am still riding my bike, am reasonably pain-free, and in good spirits.  He has encouraged me to stay as physically active as I am.  I am grateful to all the medical staff at Touro Infirmary who have so expertly treated me over the past several months.  I am grateful too for the prayers and support of so many friends throughout the world.  Just yesterday, my dear friend Hatice Onay wrote that she lit a candle in my name at the Virgin Mary’s House near Ephesus, Turkey.

I am truly blessed in my life.

15 thoughts on “An Early Christmas Present

  1. Dear friend,

    That is an early Christmas gift for all of your family and friends. I am ecstatic for you and Emma, and will pray for continued improvements.

    Merry, merry Christmas!👏👏

  2. Robert & Emma, I’m celebrating your great news & encouraging report! I love y’all. You remain in my prayers… Thanks be to God for His Amazing Grace… ❤️🙏✨💫

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