A Valentine Gift

Today, Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day, I had my regularly scheduled oncology visit and all the news was good as follows:

  • my CAT scan this past Monday revealed no appreciable, if any, spread of the cancer in my bones.
  • The scan showed a minor increase in a lymph node.  Under normal circumstances, the increase would not be a cause of concern.  However, given that the primary source of my cancer remains unknown, exploratory surgery will be ordered.  Dr. Sonnier, my oncologist noted that the procedure is done via laparoscopy and might require one or two days in the hospital.  Noteworthy is that this will be the first time in my life since being born that I will spend the night in a hospital.
  • Dr. Sonnier remains pleased with my continued health, physical activity, and that the alkaline phosphatase level in my blood dropped from over 1300 in August to 160 today which is just a bit higher than normal.  I asked if we could be sitting here one year from now, with me basically in the same physical condition, still looking for a cancer source, and he responded in the affirmative.
  • I got my monthly x-geva shot at the Infusion Center and had great conversations with my RN friends there including about Erin’s recent trip to Chile, growing okra, what the January hard freeze killed in our yards, and other important things.

Today in New Orleans it is 79 degrees and partly sunny.  I cleaned up around the shop from all the Mardi Gras festivities, turned soil in our garden and planted an early spring crop of kale and collards.

Life is good and I am blessed.

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