A Quick Health Update – Keep Moving Forward!

Okra from our backyard kingdom!

Here is a quick health update.  The results of my lymph node biopsy revealed for the first time a malignancy outside of my bones.  Here is what that all means:

  • Additional testing of the malignancy is in process to determine the type of appropriate treatment.  Based on the results of the testing an alternative to chemotherapy may be the suitable treatment.
  • I will have another scan in 2 months to develop a baseline for the amount and pace of malignancy growth.  An unknown factor is how long the malignancy has been present, though the appearance seems very slow-growing.  The next scan, coupled with the possible chemotherapy alternative solutions, will determine the next phase of treatment.
  • My oncologist remains amazed that the only real downside I continue to feel from the cancer is increased fatigue.  Otherwise, I feel better today than I did two years ago.  We discussed that despite the near 100 degree heat, I am riding my bike (early and late in the day) for 5 mile plus trips and my appetite continues to improve.  (Tonight Emma got me two pieces of fried chicken from Joey K’s – marking my first fried food in a couple of months – and I enjoyed it!)

In sum, the visit to the oncologist today was one of those good news/bad news experiences.  We discussed my plans for the immediate future as I posted in my recently recast professional blog.  Since publishing that blog:

  • Yesterday I spent several hours at the New Orleans Public Library scanning microfiche of the New Orleans writer Robert Tallant.  Today I transcribed his notebook that contained early ideas for his Mrs. Candy novels of the 1940s.
  • My colleague Ana Rea and I mapped out a timeframe and outline for our mentor/mentee project.
  • Participated in an excellent discussion with resulting actions on the Old and New Testament Biblical mandates to feed the hungry, here in New Orleans.
  • And of course, irrigated the crops, cut the grass, and otherwise contemplated our backyard kingdom.
  • Tonight Emma and I began to discuss our two-week road trip we will take around Labor Day.

One year ago I was in excruciating pain with a wholly unknown medical future.  The past year exceeded even the most optimistic expectations.

Life is good and I am blessed.


10 thoughts on “A Quick Health Update – Keep Moving Forward!

  1. It never occurred to me that Okra could have such a lovely flower.
    I’m glad to read that you and your medical team have more information to work with and from and hope that treatment continues well. We hope to return to New Orleans around Labor Day, unless we sell the house quickly.

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