Gambling on the True Self



I only wanted to live in accord with the promptings that came from my true self – why was that so very difficult. – Herman Hesse

or try

To thine own self be true – written on AA anniversary coins and Hamlet.

I find there is a radical nature in the proposition of to thine own self be true.  It strikes me that this really is a huge gamble.  Here is how I get it.  This only works for the world if we really buy into the proposition that we are all made in God’s image and that being true to self is being true to God.  If we are made in God’s image then being true to self brings us all closer to being God.  If that is a bunch of hooey, then we get self-will run riot as it says in the Big Book.  I prefer to think that we are truly made in God’s image and what being true to self allows us to do is to live more into God – this whole big luminous web of life.